Welcome to Crypto – Bitcoin Price Jumps by $1000 in 30 Minutes

Welcome to Crypto - Bitcoin Price Jumps by $1000 in 30 Minutes

Great spikes in the cryptocurrency market where an explosion of growth occurs in a 30 minute time-frame, where Bitcoin jumps more than $1000 to break the $8000 levels.

This is the first positive momentum for cryptocurrencies where most of the coins are witnessing positive gains.

Bulls going for a ride?

If Bitcoin brakes the resistance zone and keeps it above the $8000 levels, the uptrend may take the lead and turn it into a bull market.

Even though this huge spike in price has a good feeling, it’s not healthy for the market because it will effectively result in a correction as well.

Bitcoin’s volume has nearly doubled after a few days of being stuck around $4bln, now being at $7 bln, showing that the demand for bitcoin hasn’t slowed.

No specific news or event have been confirmed as the reason for this bounce.

The total cryptocurrency market cap is currently at $300 bln dollars with increased trading volumes from all of the top 5 exchanges.



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