New Utility Cryptocurrency, ForteCoin Enters Crypto Market

New Utility Cryptocurrency, ForteCoin Enters Crypto Market
New Utility Cryptocurrency, ForteCoin Enters Crypto Market

ForteCoin (FOTC) (, a new Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that is built using blockchain technology, has made its entrance into the crypto market.

The new altcoin, co-founded by Bela Balog, an Hungarian economist and Kelvin Collins, a Nigerian entrepreneur, became tradable officially on Monday, 8th of October, 2018.

As a utility token, ForteCoin can be used 100%, for payment of goods and services, on ForteCoin Shop (, the ForteCoin’s e-commerce platform, where merchants and sellers sell and buy goods and services respectively.

This new digital asset can also be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc, and fiat currencies such as USD, when traded on crypto exchanges.

ForteCoin is backed with great projects such as ForteCoin Shop, ForteCoin Pay, ForteCoin Wallet, ForteCoin Travels and ForteCoin Pension.

Other projects include ForteCoin mobile app, swipe machine, international trade fair, etc.

At the moment, ForteCoin has already been adopted by many crypto investors and enthusiasts from four continents of the world.

This is owing to the confidence these crypto folks have demonstrated towards the project as well as its growing popularity.

At minimum, 1FOTC is worth $4. And interestingly, this value has the potential to constantly be on the increase because of, among other things, the great projects backing ForteCoin up.

The ForteCoin team is not living any stone unturned when it comes to strengthening the value of its token, as it has gone (and still going) into strategic partnership with relevant brands.

Already, ForteCoin has been listed on 9 cryptocurrency exchanges and has been approved by more others.

The 9 exchanges on which ForteCoin has been listed are:

• Loopring

• BitexBay

• Altilly

• LetsDoCoinz

• Raisex

• TokenSawp (

• TokenJar

• EtherDelta

• Karsha

In furtherance of its concerted efforts at ensuring price stability, the ForteCoin team, on October 9,
announced the burning of 88.33% (5.3 billion) of its total token supply, this means that the total supply of FOTC has now being reduced to 700 million only.

The burn can be verified here:

This step is strongly believed to greatly help to achieve a high and stable exchange rate. As the cryptocurrency firm strives to serve and protect the interest of its project, investors and its community at large.

According to its working slogan: “Let’s Build Your Future Together”, ForteCoin is aimed at and constantly working towards building a bright future for (and together with) its investors.


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