How to Make 50X Return on Your Investment

How to Make 50X Return on Your Investment
How to Make 50X Return on Your Investment

First off, you have to start with the right assumptions and the right understanding of the risks. To make a 50X return on your investment, you have to take some really big risks, even by cryptocurrency standards.

Investing in Ethereum, Bitcoin or any other top 10 cryptocurrency is likely not going to cut it.

You will have to invest in something that is a very low value today, meaning you’ll have to see something the rest of the market doesn’t value today and hope that the market eventually corrects.

I’m not talking about just reading their website and thinking they ‘have a shot’, I mean actually having a fundamental hypothesis on how the market is going to change and how your particular token is going to benefit from that. Not only that, but you’re going to need to make two bets with your token purchase:

  1. That the cryptocurrency you’re interested in will change relative rankings (let’s say going from less than 200 to the top 20)
  2. That the whole market will rebound (go from $300 Billion to much, much higher)

If either of these assumptions fail, you’re not going to make a 50X return. For comparison, only 9 tokens last year (in 2017) were able to make a 50X return, and this was a breakout year for cryptocurrencies.

So, if you want a 50X return, what should you invest in now? I’m not giving you a particular token (and never will), but here’s would be my methodology if I were to try this:

  • Find a token not in the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap that have ‘good’ fundamentals. This is a large topic that I cover in detail in my other posts and platforms, but the meat of it includes having an experienced team, a solid mission, the technology to achieve that mission and not screwing up.
  • When you have a list of a few cryptocurrencies that pass your first test of being worth the investment, find the one you connect with the most by joining their slack, reddit and any other communication channel. Get deep with these teams to understand which one you want to be with for the long haul.
  • Invest heavily, lock your investment away as securely as humanly possible and become part of that community. Seriously, go write documentation, help write articles, get really acquainted with the project and try to build something. You can help improve the project without becoming a total shill for it on social media (and art that’s lost on most) and eventually find something you really love in the project.

And finally, don’t sell until you hit 50X. Otherwise, what’s the point?


Short Bio of the Author –Brian Schuster

Brian Schuster is an entrepreneur and solution architect in the blockchain industry. In 2017, Brian’s content on the industry was viewed over five million times through his profiles on QuoraMedium and Brian is currently developing a new blockchain analytics products, scheduled to be launched later this year. To get a first look at this new solution, sign up here.


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